2021 conference

1st iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference

9-10 March 2021

Identifying and anticipating unmet needs

An online event over two days to discover iProcureNet results in the wider context of security services of the future.

The 2021 topic was “Identifying and anticipating unmet needs”:

Innovation and procurement are not goals in itself. They are a response to unmet needs, that need to be identified and anticipated in collaboration with prescribers and end-users.

The iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference has highlighted the importance of procurement in facing the challenges of an uncertain future and ensuring resilience through innovation.

Find here the slides from all sessions for download:

Day 1 – 9 March 2021

Introduction - David Rios Morentin, DG HOME

The iProcureNet project - Etienne Genet, French Ministry of Interior

Identifying needs in public security and procuring jointly - Raul Savimaa, Estonian Border Police

Introducing the iProcureNet Toolbox - Filomena Vieira, Portuguese Criminal Police

Joint cross border public procurement: Experiences , obstacles, pitfalls - Jozef Kubinec, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Procurement as key issue for innovation uptake - Roundtable discussion with ILEAnet, i-LEAD, ENCIRCLE, PEN-CP projects

Day 2 – 10 March 2021

Keynote - Stéphane Conty, French National Procurement Agency

Identifying unmet needs - Roundtable discussion with FOLDOUT, SPARTA/NAAS and Broadway projects

Participating projects:

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