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Why Innovation Procurement (IP)?

Methods and tools overview

    It is possible to identify three stages of an innovation procurement process:

Preparation Market engagement Pro-innovation tendering
    • Identify the unmet need
    • Identify and consult stakeholders
    • Set up a project team
    • Define requirements in outcome terms
    • Open market consultations
    • Analysis of responses
    • Market engagement report


    • Pro-innovation procurement strategy definition
    • Launch tender/process
    • Tender and contracting process
    • Contract management

    Stimulate innovation with outcome-based specifications.

    Choosing innovation-friendly processes and procedures

    • Adjust ready-to-use innovation procedures
      • Competitive procedure with negotiation
      • Competitive dialogue
    • PCP
    • PPI
    • Innovation Partnerships

    Share and exchange best practices.

  Guidance on Innovation Procurement (iprocurenet.eu)

  The EAFIP Toolkit

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