When to use it

When the public sector uses its purchasing power to act as early adopter of innovative solutions which are not yet available on large scale commercial basis and can include conformance testing.

When contracting authorities act as a launch customers of creative goods or services which are not yet available on a large-scale

The solution is near to the market or already on the market in small quantity but does not meet public sector requirements for large scale deployment

No R&D involved

Key features

PPI can use any existing procurement procedure that does not include the procurement of R&D

PPI are part of public procurement tenders because they are done according to the rules stated in Directive 2014/24/EU and with EU Remedies Directive

Public procurer announces the intention to buy a critical mass of innovative solutions to trigger industry to bring products on the market with desired quality/price ratio within a specific time through Prior Information Notice

Open market consultations and events to know the buyers helps the call for tenders

After verification, testing and/or certification, the CA buys a significant volume of innovative solutions

 For the cases when the solution still needs substantial R&D, PCP followed by PPI could be contemplated

Module 1 – European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip.eu)

How to: Guide for JCBPP & IP

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