Innovation Partnerships
When to use it

   According to the 2014/24/EU Directive, Innovation Partnership addresses a need for an innovative product, service or works that cannot be met by purchasing products, services or works already available on the market.

   It covers both development and delivery of innovation in only one procedure

   Innovation is developed during contract execution once the innovation partner is selected and awarded the contract

   Should be used only for the purchase of specialized/unique product or service

Key features

   A combination of R&D and purchase/development of the innovative solution in only one procedure

   The CA may decide to set up the Innovation Partnership with one or several suppliers

   Innovation partnerships are structured in successive phases

   CA may decide, after each phase, to terminate the IP or, in the case of IP with several partners, to reduce the number of partners by termination individual contracts, provided those conditions were indicated in the procedure documents

   Enables CAs to select partners on a competitive basis and have them develop an innovative solution tailored to their requirements

   Criteria for the selection of the partner presenting the best capacity in the field of research and development and to supply the real scale implementation of the innovative solutions, based e.g. on his part performances, references, team composition, facilities, etc.

   Contract performance clauses will enable the CAs to:

    • Monitor quality performance criteria and indicators enabling the measurement of the level of target compliance;
    • Terminate the contract if the targets are not met in technical, operational or economic terms;
    • Terminate the contract if, in the meantime, the market provides an alternative solution and the innovation partnership proves to become redundant.

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