Role and benefits of IP
  • Strengthening the European single market
  • Public procurement as an innovation policy tool
  • Promoting capacity building among contracting authorities
  • Advancing social and environmental goals
  • Allow combining purchasing power and the goals of industrial policies
  • Public buyer, instead of buying off-the-shelf, acts as an early adopter and buys a product, service or process that is new to the market and contains substantially novel characteristics
  • Such innovation, brining better performance and added value for various stakeholders, addresses the unmet needs – and not only the update of products or solutions – and calls for structural or organisation reforms
  • Innovation Procurement promote sustainable high-quality public services in Europe
  • The security industry and technology sector as well as researchs will be stimulated into action and the gap between research and market will diminish.
Public procurement as a strategic innovation policy tool


Innovation Procurement unlocks the innovation potential of suppliers to deliver better outcomes, cost effectively.

  European Commission: Introduction To Innovation Procurement

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