iProcureNet Workshop on research and innovative developments within segments most promising for JCBPP

“Presentation of H2020 & Horizon Europe projects / innovative suppliers researching solutions within the scope of identified innovation needs for Joint Cross Border Public Procurement”
12 September 2023, 12:30-14:00 CET

As part of its annual meeting, the iProcureNet General Assembly hosted a workshop with internal and external stakeholders and experts to discuss developed research and solutions within the scope of the innovation needs for JCBPP identified by the project. In addition to the iProcureNet General Assembly and project members, this workshop was open to:

  • H2020/Horizon Europe projects representatives
  • Innovation suppliers
  • Procurement experts

Participants had the opportunity to share insights around state of the art technologies and developments within the segments that were identified in the iProcureNet project as most promising for JCBPP, and the solutions developed within existing innovative projects. These segments included technologies in or around:

  • UAVs
  • Border management
  • Data fusion
  • Wildfires

iProcureNet announces its 2023 conference

The French Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic have announced the date of iProcureNet’s 2023 conference. It will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 16-17 March 2023.

The question with procurement of innovation and joint cross border public procurement is not “if” but “how”.

The iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference highlights the importance of procurement as enabler of innovation uptake and together ensuring resilience and security through cross border public procurement. The 2022 topic, “building a sustainable innovation ground for procurement of security solutions in Europe – from public procurement to joint public procurement of innovation”:

  • Discover iProcureNet, the network of European public security procurers and learn how to join our community;
  • Learn more about methods and tools of joint cross-border procurement, and how it may help address unmet needs;
  • Hear the views from innovators to end-users on the role and procedures in innovation procurement;
  • Discuss sustainability in the contexts of public procurement and Networks of Practitioners;
  • Discover success stories and discuss your own challenges and needs as stakeholder of the procurement process.

Find out more on the event’s page: www.iprocurenet.eu/home/events/2023-conference

Spotlight: Innovation Procurement session at Innovation Procurement Workshop for Security Practitioners

Spotlight: Innovation Procurement session at Innovation Procurement Workshop for Security Practitioners

The joint workshop on innovation procurement organised together with MEDEA, CIVILnEXT and iProcureNet on 30 of March 2021 was titled ‘Innovation Procurement Workshop for Security Practitioners workshop’ included many fascinating presentations.

For iProcureNet, the objective was to offer a short course/training about innovation procurement and how it can help practitioners acquire security solutions adjusted to their needs. Using results from the analysis of the 1st iProcureNet Survey on JCBPP, Jozef Kubinec from MoI and Mari Ann Simovart from the University of Tartu presented practical examples of joint procurement.

There was a total of 81 attendees. The majority were security practitioners (Law Enforcement Organisations at National and EU level, Border and Coast Guard Authorities, Search and Rescue Organisations, Public servants from Ministries of Interior and procurement offices, and Civil Protection practitioners). There were also attendees from the EU Commission Services, EU centres, and the United Nations. Apart of attendees from the public sector, there were representatives from Industry, Academia, Enterprises and SMEs.

Spotlight: Innovation Procurement session at Innovation Procurement Workshop for Security Practitioners

iProcureNet at the RISE-SD Symposium 2022

iProcureNet participated to the very first ‘Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defence’ (RISE-SD), held from 31 May to 2 June 2022 at the International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The objective of the Symposium was to explore how security and defense research and innovation activities contribute to the overall resilience of the European Union, against various present and future risks and threats.

Organised by iProcureNet partner and WP2 leader Bulgarian Defence Institute, in collaboration with AFCEA Sofia Chapter and the Information Technologies Institute, this Symposium gathered over 30 projects to present and discuss the various ongoing efforts around Europe and disseminate their projects results. This was also an platform to boost cooperations and future opportunities.

iProcureNet presented the overview of the project, as well as what has been achieved so far and the main results.