2022 conference

2nd iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference

21-22 June 2022

Influential innovation procurement for security in Europe

An event in Lisbon and online over two days to discover the iProcureNet results in the wider context of security services of the future.

Portuguese Criminal Police

Hosted by the Portuguese Criminal Police in Lisbon, the topic for our iProcureNet 2022 Annual Conference is “Influential Innovation Procurement for Security in Europe”.

Direct influence is key: from the definition of security needs to the realisation of mutualisation projects with other Member States, influential innovation procurement will shape the security market of tomorrow in Europe.

With opening talks from the Portuguese Criminal Police, the Portuguese Secretary of State of Justice, the European Research Agency and the French Ministry of Interior, the conference will discuss, a variety of key topics – from innovation at the heart of security forces, influencing innovation uptake through PCP/PPI, standards in public procurement, value engineering in public procurement and more.

You will also have the chance to discover the iProcureNet Toolbox – by procurers for procurers – the iProcureNet Network+Community, and the iProcureNet methodology for joint cross border public procurement and procurement of innovation.

We are honoured to also count in our programme the participation of Europol, ENLETS, BroadGNSS, SHUTTLE, DanSENSE, EAFIP / Corvers and more.

Programme (times are UCT+1 Lisbon, London)

Day 1 – 21 June 2022 – The increasing challenges for the security market in Europe

9.30 - Welcome

Luis Neves, Portuguese Criminal Police Director

9.50 - Introduction

Davide Brizzolara, European Research Executive Agency (REA.C2 – Secure society)

10.00 - Introduction to iProcureNet

Jorge Garzon, French Ministry of Interior / iProcureNet Project Coordinator

10.20 - The iProcureNet Toolbox

Filomena Vieira, Portuguese Criminal Police

11.30 - Influencing the innovation uptake through PCP/PPI

Expert roundtable with:

  • Sophia Berkani and Elini Lianou, SHUTTLE Project
  • Marie-Christine Bonnamour, BroadGNSS Project


  • Mari Ann Simovart, University of Tartu
  • Sigute Stankeviciute, General Jonas Zemaitis Military Academy

12.30 - The iProcureNet Network+Community

Zoia Ansarimehr, French Ministry of Interior

14.00 - WP3 Feasibility analysis and recommendations

Hannes Jarvine, Police and Border Guard Board Estonia

14.30 - Challenges for National Standardisation Bodies and public authorities in referencing standards in public procurement

Soren Jensen, DanSense

15.30 - Value engineering in public procurement

Ana Lucia Jaramillo, EAFIP / Corvers procurement services

Day 2 – 22 June 2022 – Towards the concretisation of innovative solutions for security forces

9.30 - Welcome

Jorge Garzon, French Ministry of Interior / iProcureNet Project Coordinator

9.45 - Europol Iinovation Lab and the perspective of its Member States

Luisa Proenca, European Clearing Board for Innovation / Deputy Director of Portuguese Criminal Police

11.15 - WP2 Identifying Needs & Opportunities for Joint Security Procurement approaches, challenges and current findings

Nikolai Stoianov, Bulgarian Defence Institute

11.45 - Market engagement insights from iProcureNet

Jozef Kubinec, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

13.30 - iProcureNet and ENLETS' Technology Interest Group Procurement: built on common achievements?

ENLETS representative

14.00 - Opening pathways to PPI

Open debate with:

  • Isabel Rosa, Ministry of Defense (ex-DG GROW)
  • Filomena Vieira, Public Procurement Legal Expert from Portuguese Criminal Police
  • Joao Simao, Portuguese Criminal Police IT director
  • UAVision Aeronautics
  • Quantico Solutions
  • Truewind


  • Jorge Garzon, French Ministry of Interior / iProcureNet Project Coordinator
  • Jozef Kubinec, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
Participating projects, institutions and organisations:
Portuguese Criminal Police
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovakia
Portuguese Criminal Police
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
University of Tartu
Bulgarian Defence Institute


Registrations are mandatory for both online and in-person attendance!

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