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Aim of the survey

We would like to gather experiences, opinions and suggestions of good practice when conducting joint cross border public procurement from those who took part in projects of PCP, PPI or other cases of joint cross border public procurement. The primary target respondents are procurers, prescribers, legal advisors and other key stakeholders of security procurement. However, we would like to know examples from other sectors, such as health, transport, and science,  as we believe that good practices are generally applicable independently of the sector. If you are a public procurer who did not participate in JCBPP, please do share your opinion about JCBPP or let us know about examples you heard about.

Why participate

Participation to this survey is fully voluntary, those who choose not to participate will not be harassed. The results of this survey will feed into our feasibility studies, helping to establish joint procurement pathways and policy recommendations, and ultimately building the Common European Security market. By participating in our survey, you directly contribute to future developments of the iProcureNet Toolbox, a publicly accessible tool by procurers for procurers, which aims to provide procurers but also other involved stakeholders, resources for successful JCBPPs. The more responses and lessons learnt we are able to gather from survey participants, the more comprehensive our analysis and subsequent JCBPP methodology can become.

Use of Data

By completing this survey, you consent that this data will be used for the purposes outlined above in the frame of the iProcureNet project. Any identification information (name of respondent, e-mail, institutions involved) will remain fully confidential and not shared outside of the iProcureNet project. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting:

Showcase your JCBPP project

If you would like your successful project to be showcased in iProcureNet peer-learning workshops, webinars and events for other procurers and stakeholders, please indicate this at the end of the survey.

Definition of Joint cross-border public Procurement

By JCBPP, we understand procurement processes where two or more contracting authorities from different EU member states jointly award contracts.

Go to survey I understand and agree to the information above and I would like to participate to this survey

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