Webinar N°9

Managing IPR in public procurement

21 February 2023

12PM to 13.15PM CET

Grab your lunch and join us for an exciting talk on: Striking the balance - how can IPR be managed to achieve the best outcomes for the buyer, the provider and society?

JERA Consulting Ltd.

Organised by Gaynor Whyles from JERA Consulting, this is our 9th iProcureNet Webinar and the first of our 2023 series. This webinar will concentrate on Intellectual Property (IP) in public procurement.  

Firstly, IP is not only a property right, but it has a personal dimension (moral rights). Secondly, differently from the tangible property, intellectual property allows parallel exploitation. It means that several entities can use the same knowledge simultaneously.

This webinar will address the main IP concepts and place them within the public procurement framework. Attention is given to the exploitation of IP owned by the state. Find out more about our very special talk from Professor Aleksei Kelli below.

The webinar is free for professionals, academics and practitioners. All stakeholders involved in public procurement, innovation and IP management are welcome to attend and take part in our discussions. Don’t forget to register to receive the invitation.

This webinar will be recorded and published on social media, including Youtube.


Introduction to the iProcureNet project

Jorge Garzon, Deputy Head of Procurement Strategy and Performance Office, iProcureNet Coordinator, Ministry of the Interior, France.

Slides and recording will be available after the webinar.

Introduction on IPR

Mari Ann Simovart, Professor Faculty of Law, University of Tartu.

Managing IPR in public procurement: Striking the balance

Speaker: Aleksei Kelli, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Tartu

Aleksei Kelli is a Professor of Intellectual Property Law (the University of Tartu, Estonia). He is a member of the court of honour of the Estonian Bar Association, Copyright Committee established at the Estonian Patent Office and CLARIN ERIC Legal and Ethical Issues Committee. Aleksei holds a doctorate (PhD in Law) from the University of Tartu (2009). He has been visiting researcher at Columbia Law School (USA) and Uppsala University (Sweden).
Aleksei has managed and participated as a leading expert in numerous projects. For instance, Dr Kelli acted as the Head of an Expert Group on the Codification of Intellectual Property Law at the Ministry of Justice. He has been a member of the Team of Specialists on Intellectual Property (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and contributed to several international and national research projects related to intellectual property, innovation, data protection, open data and knowledge transfer.
Professor Kelli teaches intellectual property, copyright, personal data protection and related subjects at all levels of higher education (including doctoral studies) in Estonian and English at the University of Tartu. He has 141 publications. Most of them relate to intellectual property.

Additional information: https://www.etis.ee/CV/Aleksei_Kelli/eng/#

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Questions & Answers

Facilitated by Mari Ann Simovart, Professor Faculty of Law, University of Tartu

Participating organisations and projects:
JERA Consulting Ltd.
University of Tartu
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