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CBJP and IP in the Security Sector


Opportunity for JCBPP and IP in the security sector

The initial conclusions of iProcureNet project refer to the potential for JCBPP of innovation in the following areas:
Simulation systems
Detection of false identity documents
The detection of substances
The fight against cybercrime
Ballistic vests, and
Vehicle armouring.

iProcureNet developed a market analysis of the most promising segments that consisted of the following steps:
Prior market analysis or market research

    • Is a search for products and suppliers that fall within the scope of each specific segments
    • Analyses the state of art of a given sector
    • Can be formal or informal

Identification of possible suppliers of solutions

    • Collecting, through an online survey, the information about suppliers that could deliver the products and solutions in each specific segment
      • Information will include suppliers size, market power, previous experience within the EU market
      • Analyses should provide, at least, 3 suppliers, including suppliers from other Member States

Solution comparison where possible

    • The online survey contained specific questions aimed at getting detailed information about products and possible solutions
    • The available solutions are classified based on the following:
      • Cost-benefit analysis,
      • Identification of different technical properties and performance, and
      • The total cost of ownership over the whole life cycle of solutions.

Assessment of each market in given segment.

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