Police and Border Guard, Estonia

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet, PPA) is a police authority. The police is an institution of executive power within the area of government of the Ministry of the Interior and the main functions thereof are protection of public order, organization of matters of border management, detection and elimination of marine pollution, organization of search and rescue operations at sea, and organization of matters in the area of citizenship and migration.

PPA is developing cooperation with other national authorities, local government units, public organizations, citizens and their communities, and other countries and international law enforcement bodies.

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

PPA leads the iProcureNet feasibility study for the potential areas for common procurement. In addition, PPA, as the procurement organisation and practitioner in internal security domain, gives input to requirements and priorities for the areas of possible common procurement for the police as well as for the border guard.

PPA acts as the IPNC for Estonia.

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