Criminal Police, Portugal

Polícia Judiciária (PJ), the Portuguese Criminal Police, is a higher criminal police body under the Ministry of Justice, supervised by the Public Prosecution Authority. Its assignments are, in general, criminal prevention and investigation, as well as supporting prosecuting and judicial authorities. As a criminal investigation police force, PJ is competent for the prevention and investigation of serious and organised crime.

PJ has exclusive competence in, among others: cybercrime, State security offences, drugs trafficking, money laundering, fraud in obtaining a subsidy, grant-in-aid or credit or their misappropriation, corruption, economy and finance-related offences, terrorism, slavery, kidnapping, hostage-taking, and robberies perpetrated in credit institutions or in Public Treasury offices.

Portuguese Criminal Police

PJ leads iProcureNet workshop and training activities and coordinates the iProcureNet Toolbox.

PJ acts as the IPNC for Portugal.

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