Ministry of Interior – National Police, Spain

The Spanish National Police Force (Policía Nacional-PN) is a police force (LEA) born in 1824. PN has been growing up as police force from its origin to the present day. Currently, it includes more than 64.000 police officers and is a Law Enforcement Agency with competences in all Spanish territory.

One of the PN strategic lines in home security is to achieve a police force more dynamic, more efficient and more intelligent use of new technologies and new working methods to be more effective.

Spanish Ministry of Interior - NatioSpanish Ministry of Interior - National Policenal Police

MIR-PN acts as the IPNC for Spain.

It provides input and feedback to all iProcureNet activities, including workshops, the Toolbox and the Knowledge Factory. It also provides support in the dissemination of project outcomes.

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