Ministry of Interior, France

The French Ministry of Interior (Ministère de l’Intérieur, MININT) is at the heart of the state’s action throughout the country to serve the French people’s needs and meet their expectations in the area of safety and security. The Ministry of Interior is also in charge of relations between the central and local governments and issues related to legal and illegal immigration.

The Ministry of Interior ensures that law enforcement services (police and gendarmerie) are able to carry out their missions of safeguarding both people and property and managing emergencies and crisis situations (firefighters).

French Ministry of Interior

MININT is the project Coordinator. Furthermore, it leads all activities concerning the iProcureNet Network+Community and coordination of the IPNCs and the group leaders, and ensures appropriate and smooth communication between the Network+Community and the rest of the work packages.

MININT acts as the IPNC for France.

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