International Security and Emergency Management Institute (ISEMI), Slovakia

ISEMI is a non-profit organisation providing publicly beneficial services. It is registered within the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. ISEMI is a professional platform of former or active police and national security officers, soldiers, civil protection and crisis management experts from around the world, with necessary security clearance and relevant long-term experiences in crime prevention, counter-terrorism and CBRN-E threats, in the fight against organize crime, environmental crime, trafficking in human beings, cybercrime and drugs smuggling.

ISEMI’s team has also a wide experience in intelligence analysis, in border protection, rescue and emergency assistance, health protection, as well as in the field of justice and prosecution.

International Security and Emergency Management Institute

ISEMI supports networking of several end-user bodies not only on national, but also international level as well as best practice and experience sharing; collects needs of end-users, analyses them from the point of view of PP and finds/proposes solutions; supports the project related to project meetings, tests, demonstrations etc. ISEMI also contributes to dissemination and exploitation activities.

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