National Police Headquarters, Hungary

The Police Force of the Republic of Hungary, amongst other missions,

– acts as a general authority of criminal investigation operative in the prevention and disclosure of criminal offences

– proceeds as an authority of administrative infractions taking part in the prevention and exploration of administrative infractions

– attends to tasks related to producing, selling and using certain devices and substances which are dangerous to public security

Hungarian National Police Headquarters

– performs policing duties related to maintaining the order of public premises.

Based on international treaties, the Police co-operate with foreign and international law enforcement agencies and shall take actions against international crime. Under international agreements, Hungarian police officers may exercise police authority abroad and foreign police officers may exercise police authority in Hungary. The service has a staff of about 45 000 people.

HNP acts as the IPNC for Hungary.

It provides input and feedback to all iProcureNet activities, including workshops, the Toolbox and the Knowledge Factory. It also provides support in the dissemination of project outcomes.

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