1st iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference

Lisbon, 31st March – 1st April 2020

Event cancelled due to COVID-19

This event has been cancelled due to the global COVID-19 situation. It will be re-scheduled in autumn 2020 – new dates to be announced here and on our social media channels soon.

Meet our speakers

Dr. Deividas Soloveičik

Dr. Deividas Soloveičik is a Partner and Head of Public Procurement practice at  COBALT Lithuania. He represents clients before national courts at all instances and arbitral institutions in civil and administrative cases, provides legal advice to Lithuanian and foreign private clients and contracting authorities, including the Commission of the European Union, on the legal aspects of public procurement and pre-commercial procurement.

Dr. D. Soloveičik focuses his practice on matters related to misuse of EU funds and application of financial corrections against beneficiaries of EU funds, and performance of public contracts. D. Soloveičik also specialises in drafting conditions of tender, tender documents for public sector clients and assisting clients with their compliance efforts with the legislation governing public procurement procedures.

Dr. D. Soloveičik is an Associate Professor and researcher in commercial law at Vilnius University and a contributor to legal publications. Since 2016, he is a member of the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement – EAFIP initiative promoted by the European Commission and a recommended arbitrator at Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration.

Dr. Baudouin Heuninckx

Dr Baudouin Heuninckx is a MCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional and a part-time academic at the University of Nottingham, where he tutors in defence procurement law and policy, and at the Belgian Royal Military Academy, where he teaches public procurement and programme management.

Baudouin started his career in 1992 as a technical officer in the Belgian Air Force. He worked for the joint organisation for armaments cooperation (OCCAR) from 2001 to 2008, and since 2009 held various senior management positions in the Belgian Defence Staff Procurement Division, where he is currently head of legal and financial affairs.

An engineer and jurist, Baudouin completed a PhD on the law of collaborative defence procurement. He authored many publications on procurement and has spoken at numerous conferences. His latest book, The Law of Collaborative Defence Procurement in the European Union, was published in 2016 by Cambridge University Press.

He speaks at the conference in his personal capacity.

Stéphane Conty

Coming soon

Kadri Härginen

Public Procurement Law Lecturer

Dr. Mari Ann Simovart

Dr Iur Mari Ann Simovart is Associate Professor at the School of Law, University of Tartu, Estonia. Her research is focused on EU public procurement law, in particular public contract performance stage. In addition, her recent research has looked into remedies in public procurement, horizontal cooperation as well as electronic public procurement. In the University of Tartu, she teaches master level classes in public procurement law, which have repeatedly been awarded the title of the best class of the School of Law.

 Co-author of the remedies directives in the Brussels Commentary on EU Public Procurement Law – Steinicke/Vesterdorf (Ed’s) 2018, and compiler of the Commented Edition of Estonian Public Procurement Act (2019), Dr Simovart has published numerous articles and co-authored books on public procurement law.

Dr Simovart regularly presents at conferences and conducts training on public procurement law. She is a Member of the Council of the Swedish procurement law journal UrT; an academic member of the Procurement Law Academic Network and the Public Contracts in Legal Globalization.

Sigute Stankeviciute

Coming soon

Filomena Vieira

Lawyer, University Professor, Public Procurement and Ethics expert

Gaynor Whyles

Coming soon

Pertti Woitsch

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Other speakers to be confirmed soon

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